Tips for Effective Studying

As a student and an athlete, I need to be on top of my school work. In order to do that, I’ve found out some ways that make it easy to study or compete my homework. Today I’m going to share them with you guys.

Tip #1: Shut off your phone or set it in a different room.

The reason I do this is because I used to do some homework;  and then I would then look at my phone. I would end up doing my homework longer than I needed.

Tip #2: Make sure you have a snack or dinner before or while you’re doing your homework.

I find that having an empty stomach while studying makes it harder to concentrate. This way, you can stay on task.

Tip #3: Have an agenda.

This one is huge for me. If I didn’t have an agenda, I would be so behind on everything. Keeping an agenda helps you stay on top of your tests, homework, and activities. If you want an agenda organization blogpost or video on my Instagram story/Snapchat, just let me know!

Tip #4: Managing your time and having priorities. 

This tip is tricky. Time management is difficult to master. That’s where keeping an agenda helps. Having priorities means to decided how the spend your time. Should you spend an hour studying for the grammar exam which is 100 points, or the mini history quiz that’s 15 points? Just spread your time evenly for what you need to practice.

Tip #5: Try to not cram before a test; It doesn’t do anything. 

I try to study at least two days before a test, and that’s on a tight and busy schedule. I’ve tried cramming before and it doesn’t do much. Seriously, sometimes sleep is just better than staying up studying and cramming the night before a big test.

Tip #6: Eat a nutritional breakfast.

Lastly, eat a healthy, filling breakfast. It really gives you the energy you’ll need for your test. Also, bring a waterbottle. It’ll keep you hydrated and your brain moving. 


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