Free Preppy Stickers

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing how to receive free stickers in the mail from companies. First off, my sister and I like to receive stickers but we aren’t sticker collectors and don’t ever buy stickers from other people nor trade. We just do this as a hobby together and like to put them on notebooks, waterbottles, and on my blog. Most companies have email addresses for stickers. For some companies, you might have to go to their website and find the email to ask politely for some stickers. All you have to say is something like;

Hi! I’m ______ and I love your company! I would really appreciate some stickers from (company’s name) to display on (Instagram, blog, agenda, etc.). Thank you! 
That’s it! Don’t forget to put your address. Some companies won’t send you stickers and some will. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t end up receiving them from some companies. My sister and I just searched up blogposts like mine and got emails or went to websites of companies that we liked and asked for stickers. 

Thanks for reading!


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