Back To School Necessities

Today’s blogpost will be a “Back To School” themed post along with many more to come! I’ll be blogging about what I use at school. I am going into 8th grade this year, and I have a grasp on what supplies I have needed throughout middle school. Let’s get started!

1.     I highly suggest bringing a waterbottle to school for multiple reasons. My first reason is staying hydrated. Living in Florida, I know what it’s like to be thirsty in class, and not wanting to leave the room to miss what the teacher is explaining. Also, drinking water is very healthy and refreshing. I like to either bring my S’well bottle or my Camelbak because both of those bottles keep the water cold and the outside does not sweat.


2. My next necessity is an agenda. I started using an agenda last year and I will always use one from now on. Most people like the Lilly Pulitzer Agendas. I love the patterns and prints, but I do prefer a larger agenda and I’ve found a brand that I really like. Agendas are great for me because I’m quite busy and like to have things organized and planned. The agenda I’m currently using is from Day Designer and is a weekly monthly agenda. That means that it has a calendar set up for each month, but for each week it has space to organize your days of the week. You can find this agenda at Office Depot and it’s ten dollars!

3. A comfortable sweatshirt is key. My school has a uniform, and so we have to wear uniform sweatshirts as well. I suggest keeping a sweatshirt in your locker at all times and taking it home and washing it on the weekend. You never know if a classroom or outside might be cold that day. This is especially important for me because my school eats outside rather than in a cafeteria.

4. Plentiful amounts of pencils! I lose pencils so quickly because I’ll drop them or lend them and then they are gone forever! Keep another set of pencils in your locker if you have this issue, like I do. It helps so much!

5. A roomy lunchbox. For the past three years, I’ve been using a Vera Bradley lunchbox that has a lot of space and keeps my food cool. I can’t stress this necessity enough. Make sure you have a roomy lunchbox.   I am a very adventurous eater and like to try all sorts of foods. In my lunch, I use lots of little containers and they take up a lot of space. I try not to use a ton of plastic bags because those hurt the environment. This year, I decided to get a new one from the brand Scout. All of their lunch boxes can be coolers and have a TON of room!

(This is not the print that I’m ordering and I don’t think this is the correct style either. Go to their website to look for more!)

Thanks for reading and hope this helped you out!

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