Today, I decided to do a blog post on packing. It might seem like a boring topic, but it is necessary for my travels. In my family, we each take on carry on luggage size for a month. I know that might seem crazy, but there is an explanation. I order to pack small, but pack for a month, we use Packing Cubes. These are small little cubes that fit inside the suitcase organized. In one, I will put shorts. In another, I can put shirts. These cubes help you stay organized during the trip and for packing. (Keep Reading)

Last year, my family and I went to Europe for a month with carry ons and used these and it was perfect. I highly suggest these to make your packing experience much better. (Keep reading for tips)


1. Roll the clothes; rolling the clothes gives the cubes more room and you can fit more.

2. Take use of pockets in your suitcase; the packing cubes will fill the suitcase evenly because of their shapes.

3. Put shoes at the bottom againist the sides of the suitcase; this will save room.

4. Put cosmetic bags on top of it all.
Thanks for reading today! Very excited to travel to my mystery location soon😉. If you want to find where I’m going, follow my Instagram and Blog to see where I will go.


Link to my travel blog (follow this for my travels): Travel Blog: jetsetjulia

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