Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hey everyone,

This blog post might come off a little random, but it’s items, foods, etc. of things that I’m enjoying. Sorry for not bloging in the past week. I’ve been at volleyball tournaments, State History Fair, and school.

Now to the blog post,

No. 1

Swell Bottle (Read below)

I’ve been LOVING this waterbottle. Not only does it keep the water freezing cold, it is also very cute! I own the 25 oz. waterbottle and I use it for school and volleyball. These are on the pricer side, but they really work. If you want a cheaper option, Swell just released another brand named “Sip” and they sell them at Target. They are twenty five dollars for a 15 oz. bottle. I haven’t tried these yet, but they seem great!
No. 2

It’s a 10 hair leave in (Read below)

It’s a 10 hair products are great in general, but I especially like the miracle leave in product. When my hair is knotty and wet, I spray some and then comb through my hair. The next morning, my hair is silky and has pretty waves, not frizzy ones like I usually do. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
No. 3


TOMS are a recent obsession of mine. They are so comfortable, cute, and easy to slide on. I love wearing them to school because of how comfortable they are. I picked out a goldish canvas color and it matches perfectly with many things.
No. 4

Clinique’s Lash Doubling Mascara (Read below)

This mascara is amazing. It makes your lashes longer, darker, and thicker. It is very easy to apply and does not become chunky or gloopy. When taking it off, I did not use makeup wipes and it completely came off. No black undereyes, nothing. Completely clean. I would highly reccomend this!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! These blog post take me a little bit longer, but I enjoy them!

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Good night,


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