Lilly APS! 

Happy Lilly After Party Sale Day? Today was the day where the past seasons of Lilly go on a huge sale from 40% – 70% off. They have two annual APS’s a year. One in January, and one in June! They also hold a warehouse sale, but they will not be doing that this year. I hope you all woke up nice and early at 8:00 to snag your favorite Lilly goodies for a reasonable price! This sale is a great way to get Lilly for cheaper. I will have a photo below of what I ordered. I am so sorry for not blogging lately, it has been Christmas Break and I have had family in town the whole two weeks. I will be better I promise! 😉 I have a post-Christmas blog coming at you guys soon, so hold on! The sale is only one day, today! Happy New Year!

xoxo, sunshinestatejulia

Left: Iona Sleeveless Shell in Sea Blue Private Island

Top Right: Amber Skirt in Lilly’s Lagoon

Bottom Right: Besamé Mucho IPhone 6/6s phone case

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